In the gaming world, the acronym A.I. technically stands for Artificial Intelligence but of course, there have been more than enough times when we felt it should have stood for Artificial Idiocy, and those were the moments that really gave us an urge to talk – or rant rather – about games. Our mini-podcast video series is based on this idea. The end result are the videos linked below, of two or three gamers talking about all things gaming. So far, here are the videos that we have made and uploaded to our youtube channel.

-Music Games

-Licensed Games

Q1 & Q2 Releases Pt 1 —-   Q1 & Q2 Releases Pt 2

-Multiplayer Shooters

Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Pt 1 —- Motorstorm: Pacific Rift Pt 2

-Macs, Windows, and Fanboyism Pt 1 —- Macs, Windows, and Fanboyism Pt 2 —- Macs, Windows, and Fanboyism Pt 3

-Game Engines

-Localization (and more)

Valkyria Chronicles Pt 1 —- Valkyria Chronicles Pt 2

-Holiday Delays

Paying for Xbox Live Pt 1 —- Paying for Xbox Live Pt 2

Professional Reviews Pt 1 —- Professional Reviews Pt 2

Artificial Idiocy is brought to you by: Michael Taylor(Atobe-sama/ Malcontent_Ronin), Joe Bergstrand (CrimsonKingX), David Kwon (Kwonstein/Solidkwon), and Gavin Greene (Raistlinhawke). (NOTE: CrimsonKingX no longer does AI vids with us)

All of us have a gametrailers account so you can check out our blogs and videos by going over there. So to check outour GT accounts, just type in ____(our username).gametrailers.com in the url address bar. For example, to see Atobe-sama’s gametrailer account, just type in atobe-sama.gametrailers.com; for Kwonstein, type in kwonstein.gametrailers.com

Other than Gametrailers, Raistlinhawke has an incredible writing talent when it comes to movies and games and so he writes for this cool gaming website called elder-geek.com. Be sure to check out his editorials in that website.

Kwonstein is in many other places as well. In fact, he’s known as Solidkwon on youtube, and has a lot of gaming related videos on his channel. He also writes for a small indepedent website called wapeach.com and about his life and whatnot in his blog kwonstein.wordpress.com. For further updates about Kwonstein, you can also follow him on twitter at twitter.com/kwonstein


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